Friday, 11 September 2015

Womsey Wapids: Over Textualisation of the Young

My lazy teachers decided to take another day off so I was left at a loose end. There is nothing better to do with a loose end that to tie it to someone else's loose end, so we borrowed a Pops who had the same trouble.
romsey leisure centre rapids waterparkWell, that was the plan. What actually happened was, I got up at 9am and was quietly playing Minecraft when Jof phoned from work and said are you ready to go out. It was 930, and Pops was due at 10. I ran upstairs and woke Bud up (yes) and it was like that very first scene in 4 Weddings when they're late for Wedding #1 and they go F*, F*, F* for ages and we were both ready and showered and teethed and breakfasted and dressed in 32 minutes flat, which shows what you can do when you need to.
The options for the day were: bike ride to Portchester Castle and back with play-parks a la mode and added pub lunch, or Romsey Rapids plus play-parks de la maison with bonus pub lunch: we both voted the same way.
He collected Pops and we got into Jof's car because the real one was at the garage.
It is an automatic so doesn't work properly but we got to Romsey Rapids soon enough, driving right past Grandad's mansion, not that we told him. On the way I did my goopy-eyes trick which is where they point in different directions. We entered and exited the car through the boot because of why not.
We got almost the whole Rapids place to ourselves because it was an inset day so all other schoolkids were otherwise employed. So the biggest queue for the waterslide was 2 people and we went round and round. But at noon they switched off the flume and the Lazy River and the Soaker Bucket and the Bubble Blasters so basically we said stuff this and got out and Bud met us and we did the playpark.
It's built for little people but we did the trampolines and the see-saw and chair-bouncers and then drove to Tiggleton Corner (The Common, Southampton) because we like the Cowherds Pub.
proud boy with gorgeous girlfriendPops couldn't choose so I had giant responsibly-caught fish and gave her some chips to go with her kids-menu chicken and we all left there full as wotsits.
 The Splashpark was empty of water and kids. This was to be expected as it is September and everyone's back to school but you never know, and we'd brought the waterguns just in case. It was interesting to see the topography of the empty pools.
future man and wife as kids We posed on top of the long-slide, not for the first time (this one summer 2010), one day these pictures will be on our wedding invites.
We did lots of roundabouting and climbing and we went on the big climbing tree avoiding blackberry prickle-bushes and did gymnastical bar-work on the frames and then we went to the ice cream van. I have bought from this van before and was happy to recommend the giant whippy cone with extra choco-dribbles where the melted choc sauce re-solidifies all down the cone. Pops' eyes opened wide as she saw quite how big my er recommendation was and she said it was the best she'd ever had and finished every bit, who wouldn't. At home, Pops is called Peanut. I've been called worse.
On the way home we played on Pops' new Blackberry mobile phone which was inherited from her Dad so is full of interesting contacts. It was constantly in use with an accidental pointless call from her Mum, and one from her Dad asking if she'd taken her swimming costume and I wanna phone even though I admit it's pointless and she was doing unlimited texts for no other reason than she had unlimited texts. I texted Bud's phone saying Dear Doctor Belly-Dancing Baby but later found that he doesn't have a mobile, wonder who received those messages.
After he'd taken Pops home, we went to my latest audition, for Alice's Adventure in the Underworld, a kooky creepy quirky musical with distinctly hallucinogenic overtones. As per usual, we got there on time and had to wait for 40 minutes before I was called and the audition was taken by 3 boys and 12 girls.
this is why we can't have anything niceWe were doing fine in our groups after 1 hour's warm-up but then when we had to learn a paragraph of the nonsensical poem with a random prop and the other, younger boy had one cymbal and he bashed it on the floor with every word he was practising.
I said shut up and he said you can't make me, I'm practising and I couldn't concentrate so I burst into tears and they phoned Jof to pick me up.
groundlings theatre play auditionsBud got back from his walk 3 minutes later and took me home and Jof wasn't at home because she'd gone to pick me up and sometimes you can have too many mobile phones, sometimes too few. They are a curse, but maybe I was a little tired and emotional.

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