Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Flailing Flapjacks!

diet water engrish product failIn playtime at school, we were doing this game where you all join hands in a line and the one at the end pulls hard and my arms were pointing a bit backwards when the pull came and I graunched my shoulder socket. No, I didn't see it coming, and yes, it is a normal game.
Anyway, Jof spent the day at home making flapjacks for the giant coffee morning this Friday. You hear about Americans having 40 shots of Espresso, a giant coffee like that can't be good, particularly if you have a dicky ticker.
britains great coffee morning flapjacksIn the afternoon, I'd only been playing Minecraft for an hour and a half when it was time for Gymnastics. I managed the warm-up and some of the balancing tasks but my shoulder gave way and I had to do stepping exercises and stuff for the rest of the session. But I did win another badge, and that takes me onto Bronze Badge, the one where you see Zen Buddhist kids flying through the air on rings and parallel bars and so forth.
So on one hand, I have a new gymnastics badge, but a note excusing me from PE.

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