Saturday, 5 September 2015

Chicken: Impossible

house clearance shop fawcett road portsmouthI like Saturdays. I Minecrafted extensively and would have done so all day if my auditions didn't require so many photos. Not only does each audition require a passport photo to remind them of what I look like (Forget me? How is that possible...) but the 'Child Actor' release form or permission licence needs 2. So off we trundled to the same photo booth I used last week.
On the way, I explained at length how enchanted reinforced Chicken Armour is iron armour with chickens on and if you make a chicken sword out of 9 eggs and a Lapis Lazuli it does 5 attack damage and if you use the transmogrification spell (chicken mod) you can be a chicken in a chicken suit killing chickens with a chicken sword. This may sound strange but that's because you're not 9.
Anyway I had my official mugshots done and this time I tried to look vaguely happy and we scanned local charity shops and I got a Lemony Snicket book and a Wimpy Kid book.
Because we had no other appointments that day, we wandered south and did a big loop of Albert Road and found King Tut in a house clearance shop (how are the mighty fallen) and I got past my Nemesis Pavement without serious injury. Yes, I have a Nemesis Pavement. You know you've made it if you have a celebrity stalker, I have a 20-yard stretch of pavement where I have sustained damage on more than one occasion. We walked for 2 hours, not bad.
irving & co brewers portsea island beer festival half pint glassSo we watched Mission Improbable # 1 from the set of 4 we bought yesterday and then I spent hours designing a Minecraft railroad that I deliberately set up to crash into Minesheep and Minecows, 'cos of why not.
This is the giant aluminium catering teapot as owned by my Scout troop. We cleaned it yesterday and it is way bigger even than my head. For supper we had pizza and chips and cucumber which is basically what I had for a week in Crete, and yet all that time they complained about my diet. Plus, Mission Implausible 2, where we laughed at the people playing chicken on motorbikes, without reinforced armour.

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