Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kill The Barf

just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beachAnother excellent day at school in which I performed my song in front of 60 classmates. I was a little nervous but then took some deep breaths and fixed my gaze on a spot behind the audience and let rip in a clear loud voice.
They laughed and then clapped for so long Mr Exposition had to stop them, it's nice to get clap from your friends. Ben wanted to do dancing in the background and Gene got up and boogied and I had to kick him off the stage, I'm only 9 and I'm being heckled, FML. They asked 20 questions, several of which were sensible. Then Erin said I wasn't half as terrible as she had thought I'd be, that's why she's getting that old manky bath plug we found in the garage for her 10th birthday present tomorrow.
beowulf flaming sword and grendel design school topicHere are some of the Viking shield designs we made. Mine has a sword with lava, burning sword and fire motif, Ben also has a sword with sword and dagger motif and hint of dragon. We all got to include runic inscriptions round the edge, mine says Bow to the Expendables although I haven't seen that film yet. It looks like Ben is saying kill the barf, but really it's feel the burn, and I think you're going to with that many flaming swords and possibly a red-hot poker for sticking someplace.
Meanwhile, Jof spent the day shopping in Chichester where she found the chocolate shop "Montezuma" and got lost just where North Street, East Street, South Street and West Street all come together at one point, it's a lethal cartographic trap for certain uncertain ladies of any age. She bought me some plastic goats and a chicken to liven up my Anglo-Saxon hovel (school project).

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