Monday, 14 September 2015

Normality is Relative

airports authority of india funny sign failSo, on paper at least, this week is the first normal week for ages. 5 days, all regular extra-curricular activities resuming, nothing added or taken away. Well, I do have a costume-measuring session booked before my acting class, where they will try and make me into the most well-presented, thermally insulated freelance Victorian Chimney Sweep, complete with Gorblimeys, rickets and pulmonary oedema due to repeated exposure to micron-sized soot particles.
aqua garage eastney road milton portsmouthIn school we underwent a maths test so that Mr E could get an idea of how stupid we are. I got 3/12 and I was by no means the worst. We might have to go back to the old conkers-onna-string abacus.
While delivering some catering equipment to the Scouts lock-up, we nipped across the road to the nice garage that fixed the car for us last week. As you can see from their fa├žade, steel beams are an integral part of their building so we gave them a stack of our super-magnets to say thank you (we did pay them as well).
5th portsmouth scout group milton st james churchBut we were chased home by the weather, which is making up for accidentally giving us 3 hot days this year by starting the winter storms early.
In Cub Scouts we played Dodge-ball and I got a Camping badge, it's been months since Jof had something in her sewing queue. Cubs is a good crossover because there are people in my class and people from my old school.

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