Sunday, 6 September 2015

Madman in Aisle 17

toilet tissue aisle sainsburys supermarket farlingtonToday I asked for hot breakfast which turned out to be sausage on toast with egg and a tomato. I rejected almost all of it because it had tomato on.
Then we all went shopping. I couldn't believe it. Normally he goes and we lounge around in the lounge but not today. I pushed the trolley like in the good old days and hid behind the toilet rolls because you're only 9 once, although most people don't make bogroll dens past their 6th birthdays. I'm behind the purple ones by the trolley.
Then it was just the long hard slog of endless Minecraft videos on the tablet and I'm making a huge Minecraft railway network. I have heard of the concept of homework but I'm having no truck with it.

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