Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The First 5 Years were the Worst

spirits and liquors in the back to school section failToday my re-education resumed following a 6-week break. To get back in the swing of it, Jof practically took me there before going to work and I had only 1 road to cross on my own before the one with the Leaping Lollipop Lady.
Well, it was certainly all-change in the exalted Upper School. We have a new head teacher and 3 new other teachers and our break-times are different and so is everything else.
Both Ben and Erin are School Councillors so will have to attend lots of boring conferences in hotels in Bruges etc and we all had a get-to-know-you session but I know most of the people in my class anyway.
The new head did a long assembly and read to us from a book about a girl who has an increasingly full bag of worries that follow her everywhere - even the toilet - until she learns to split up those naughty worries and terminate them one by one once they are divided and more conquerable.
mr esposito miss higgins meon junior schoolWe all had to think of our own worries and you could just feel that "will De Gea ever get sold" and "what if I never find out the Wi-Fi password" were bubbling under but we were all sensible with things like what if nobody talks to me.
I designed a Trojan shield with flaming sword and crossed fire-lightning and we'll be doing Vikings as well soon. I got my new teacher's name wrong by adding a W where it wasn't wanted and everyone laughed. But others were mixing it up with Burrito and Mosquito, the perils of being a teacher with an even mildly interesting name. When Grandma was a teacher, someone wrote on the desk "Mrs M has purple hair" so I don't think anyone gets away with it.
park playground apparatus We made mini-bunting triangles with our photos and vital statistics in and added our faces to vehicles of our own design for reading-level purposes. All these are welcome distractions from the earworm I am currently infected by, the song I shall perform tomorrow for my first audition.
On the way home we met an errant dog who had escaped from the park. We tried to grab it but it joyfully ran around in open traffic causing no accidents and it re-entered the park by Beaver Gate of its own accord.
We did do Wednesday Park but I didn't know anyone there apart from Charley's Aunt and Olivia whose 5th birthday was the first invite I got from a schoolmate.
We practised the song a bit but it's difficult getting the scooter in the front room.

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