Thursday, 17 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl

funny builders error staircase to nowhereI know you have many entertainment choices so I thank you for choosing Mungleton for your comedy needs.
The day started confusingly. Jof told me off for not getting her a birthday present, not even a card. From this I was able to deduce that it was a special day for her (news to me), although I thought that 39 was a low-key event.
Anyway, at school we did a lot of PE, which took up most of the day. One of the tasklets was football. Now, I am not a natural born footballer, nor do I possess dazzling ball skills or go out of my way to join in the playground matches, although I defend or go in goal if forced into it. I think the teacher knew this, and put me in a team of 3 with 2 girls, playing against a team of 3 girls.
This did not put me off, as I was now the best footballer on the pitch, hurrah! So while Lucy and her team were busy making inadvisably long passes to one another, I was able to nip in and steal it from them, scoring 3 of the 5 goals we posted, against their 1.
I found myself doing some epic teamwork with one of the girls on my team and afterwards she said that was rather good, do you want to be my boyfriend and I said why not, so that was sorted, nice to get that stage out of the way with minimum difficulty, don't know what the fuss is about.
Some bad news for Ben the real footballer is that Year 5 are banned from footballing for 2 whole weeks for arguing. This leaves Year 6 with the entire playground to themselves.
coco the chocolatier marmion road southseaSo after school we drove to the King's theatre where the DVD of my performance had finally arrived. I shall watch myself later.
We also nipped in to a very complicated chocolate shop and obtained a solid dark chocolate cat, some dark truffles (2 with pistachios), some coffee beans in dark chocolate and a slab of dark chocolate with nuts in it. They had all sorts of other stuff like Eiffel Towers, dogs, shoes, skulls, fish, frogs and monkeys all in handmade chocolate heaven. Then we visited Jof at her workplace and she came out and graciously accepted the choccy tribute and a hug with hardly any pointed comments about forgetting her birthday.
In B+Q we were proper chaps because we bought a small plumbing accessory without asking the assistant, found it didn't fit and mended the kitchen tap anyway by removing the washer.

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