Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Asset Strippers

newspaper headline funny fail obviousMaybe I'll open a basement Pole Dancing club called Asset Strippers in Central London where all those hard-working bankers can go and dance with Poles (and Croatians).
At school we read Harry Potter 1 again, but I'm 3 books ahead. I was also given a flyer for drama classes but I can't spare the time as I'm on stage.
accelerated reading pupilI am the "Class Reader". This is not like a barcode reader or an Adobe reader, just the star pupil who has read the most. I celebrated this by immediately going onto the Minecraft tablet for 2 hours the second I got home.
I gymnastics I am just about to be on the cusp of almost nearly achieving the next badge, honest. Then Jof wanted me to do some Viking homework, what do I employ these people for, FFS.

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