Thursday, 10 September 2015

DSE Health and Safety

no wife flash car registration funnySo today at school we did history in which they asked where did England come from. So I said from an undersea volcano, but that wasn't what they meant, it was about the origins of the name with all those naughty Germanic tribes invading all over the place.
We also had questionnaires. Adults are always going on about surveys and can I have 5 minutes of your time and would you like to save the rainforest and your opinions are important to us and you are number 17 in the queue, but hardly anybody asks us kids.
So the new head-teacher wanted to know what we thought were good and bad points about the school. I said ban football in the playground, because it takes up the whole space and if you go to the water fountain you get buffeted and I got smacked in the willocks by an errant football and I didn't like it. In addition, we looked at technology and had to estimate how much screen-time we had every day. I estimated 1-2 hours, someone had put 8 hours!
boy playing minecraft in pantsParents are always complaining about how long I spend using Display Screen Equipment, but there were those 5 days in Crete when I got none at all - surely that has to counterbalance the rest of the year. Anyway, on the way home it was lovely outside so I said let's go to the park, once I've had a cool-down, so I stripped off and spent 3 1/2 hours playing Minecraft. This is why my DSE estimates may be a little off.
Today we had a 20 litre Burco catering grade water-boiler delivered, for the Scout group, not because we wanted a bigger kettle. Its dispensing tap hides my modesty: I assure you I am not playing naked Minecraft, for I am wearing socks.
My latest audition was successful. I am to play Loveable Street Urchin/Newspaper Seller/Streetwise Pickpocket/Optimistic Freelance Chimney Sweep at the Victorian Festival of Christmas. Hurrah!

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