Friday, 25 September 2015

Fiends with Benefits

trye repair shop exploding tyreA much better day although I did get injured again. I was just sitting on a bench when a schoolfiend thought I was playing tag and totally clocked me on my injured shoulder.
hand drawn love heart schoolkidsAnyway, it was the giant coffee morning today and everyone except me got to go into the assembly hall and buy cakes, I had the money and I was willing, wanting and waiting but in Year 5 you're only allowed to go if accompanied by a parent. Gosh, these people with unemployed parents are lucky. Jof's flapjacks sold really well, the box came back empty after, like, 20 minutes and one boy bought one and went back for a further 5, even though they'd put the price up. Just goes to show that the secret ingredients in Jof's cookie mix make all the difference, made the afternoon fly by.
My girlfiend and I have been exchanging hand-drawn tokens and this is her latest message to me. In other upcoming news, the Scouting Association Swimming Gala will return in a couple of months and I look forward to the chance to swim against the fiendish JBs again. I can't wait. The benefit is, I'll be a year older and uglier, last time I was the youngest.

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