Friday, 18 September 2015

A Brush with Destiny

yoga position cute girl remote controlled truckThey say the best prison is one in which the prisoner thinks he's free. And that jesus loves a sinner.
Jeez, gotta love this freedom.
Today we had our official photos taken at school and we all had to pass through the production line of teachers trying to make us look presentable. Jof had specially saved a clean shirt but that made no difference as we had to wear our sweaters. That's why I had to lend mine to 2 other people who hadn't brought theirs.
school newspaper articles beowulk Our Beowulf newspapers are now up on the wall and mine is next to Bens' again. It's just so much more difficult to publish a hand-pencilled broadsheet than it is to publish a colourful magazine-style post. GIFs work, for a start.
You know in those old 'Top Gear' episodes where the terrible threesome have to pick a crap car for £1000 and drive it to a skittles competition in Andorra, or similar? Well, I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson always ended up with the Alfa Romeo and then went on about its cute personality failures, so for example you'd see him switch on the radio and the windscreen wipers would come on, and not go off again until he was past Bordeaux.
mary poppins chimney sweepers brush with drain rodWell, a couple of years ago Jof bought our big long car and while she was busy paying, I was busy investigating all the little cubbyholes and pull-out flaps and secret lift-up compartments.
dashboard compartment of ford focus estateToday, the securing clip on the big secret compartment on the dashboard died, so the flap lifts up and doesn't click back down again. So you have to drive along with a big erect wing blocking your view. We glued it shut using old wood glue applied with a stick of pampas grass (what else?) and added a big cross of 3 inch brown tape to encourage it to close, gosh, we're mending our car with duck tape. How Redneck.
But possibly the best part of the day apart from Minecraft was the present that Bud had 'hidden' in my room. I have won a part as Senior (not SeƱor) Chimney-Sweep in the Victorian Festival of Christmas and already have the threadbare underclothes, and will get the ragged street urchin apparel tomorrow. So what fundamental item did I require? Yes, a Mary Poppins Sweeps' Brush off Ebay. I ought to learn to twiddle and brandish it, be a real pro.

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