Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Commonses and Summonses

Well I tried to have a last nothing-day to end the holidays. This inset day coincided with Jof's day off and so I was expecting Minecraft and sofas and possibly ice cream. But then she suggested lunch at the Harvester and that's quite a good idea, it's a known quantity with oodles of cheap food that I know I like, all just a short bike ride away.
milton common southsea reclaimed land nature reserveWe were just having a play fight when I got her in the head with the zip on my coat and she didn't like it and I said it would be nicer if I lived with Bud because then everything would be fun and that made her go quiet again, but I was just joshing, honest. On the way home I did race off somewhat onto the common with its many similar-looking twisty paths that double back on themselves and we sort of lost each other because I wasn't keeping an eye on her. After about half an hour of criss-crossing the expanse looking for her, Bud came round a corner and we managed to find Jof and she was pleased to see me, that's what oxytocin does to the maternal brain, powerful stuff.
Then Bud said your TV audition has come through, we've got 2 days to come up with an act, plus you're back to school tomorrow and we have to get ready for gymnastics now, no pressure. On the way home we saw Lucy B and Stanley and Abby and it'll be nice to see my friends again.

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