Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lego Ruminology

peaceful like fries the chicken river engrish menu item failAt school we did a mini spelling test and I got 100%. But then we did a decimals test and I got 0.3.
parents at school pickup time wet asphaltWe studied War of the Worlds and saw a bit of footage of the interplanetary invasion and were asked to draw a scene and act it out musically in groups of 4: with Ben and Erin and Harry in my group we should win. I drew a tank shooting a bullet at one of the droids, but because we own a few High Explosive rounds such as the 20mm and the 37mm Pom Pom, I know about the button on the front of the projectile that sets it off and incorporated this detail into my sketch. This made it look suspiciously like the tank was shooting a giant willy at the Martian invader, bet they never thought of doing that.
boys gathered around pc screen for minecraftWednesday Park was OFF due to excessive weather so the Lego Room was open for business. Problem was, I was busy Minecrafting when the JBs arrived and it's just so difficult to escape the orbit of Planet Minecraft. Bob kept saying let's go and play Lego and I kept saying I've got to show you this bit first and look what happens if I try it in Survival mode and guess where I've put my waterfall etc but we did get all the Lego track out, and then go and play Hide'n'Seek.
We got an hour and a half of manic mayhem and it was still raining when they went.

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