Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Double-Bubble Day

secure seatbelt before takeoff commercail airlinerToday, everything was in doubles.
First, we had double Literacy, in which we had to write our first paragraph of our 'New Adventures of Beowulf'. Given the size of our class and range of abilities contained therein, one must expect the unexpected for this 'Beowulf - the Story Continues' lark. Perhaps he will discover the end of the Earth, perhaps Australia. He will no doubt meet assorted new and interesting monsters, and kill them. He will overcome adversities galore in the shape of Minotaurs, Delhi Belly and Wi-Fi dead spots.
Then it was double Music in which we made teams, one team mimes the actions of aliens and humans locked in eternal battle (War of the Worlds) and the other team has to come up with an evocative soundtrack to the action using the instruments available, from drums to guitars. Bud said I should be soprano bottie-sphincter due to my existing talent, or do the music from Jaws.
sunny day for equinox after school playgroundIn double Art, we made the figureheads for our Viking warships. James did an epic one with octopus tentacles but mine is slug-like, has an anteater snout, raised wings and T. rex arms. We had to leave them all in a protective atmosphere ie a damp washing-up bowl with a wet cloth over the top to stop them drying out before we add the detail next week.
My packed lunches are variable but I did say I'm going off pork pies because of the petroleum jelly. Why is he laughing?
For Wednesday Park it was sunny and busy and I met all the usual gang and we played Swing Football, Tennis Ball Tag, Cops'n'Robbers on Scooters, Hide'n'seek on Scooters and we ran around in the warm equinox sun for 1 and 3/4 hours, nice work if you can get it.

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