Saturday, 19 September 2015

A Random Owl

groundlings theatre victorian festival of christmas actorAs a 9 year-old, I'm supposed to have a relatively simple life, but it doesn't seem to work out that way.
pet owl in coal echange pub emsworthWe parked in town (£1.50) and went to the shoe shop to get me some clumpy boots for my starring role as Chimney Sweep and I was just beating him up when he pulled my trousers down and I got angry. At the theatre the lady said no, I've got no record of the appointment for a fitting session you made over the phone but I'll squeeze you in. I put on my thermal undies behind a large wooden cow and stood there while they added more and more raggedy clothes until I was a fully-fledged Victorian street urchin.
long pond emsworth swans and ducksThe acting lesson itself was at the hotel again so we met Bertie and walked round there and we have some new starters and people on try-outs. Immediately afterwards we drove to coastal village Emsworth and it was farmer's market day so everywhere was packed and we had lunch in the Coal Exchange again and a lady had an owl and we talked about owls and how every owl claims to be Hedwig and they eat mice and and turn their heads all the way round because they can't swivel their eyes.
plastic bow and arrowEmsworth has a long pond so we fed some ducks and swans with leftover ciabatta (only the best for them) and there were so many seagulls they scared off the moorhens.
At home we found the broadband and TV were cut off which was annoying and the JBs had left a message saying come round for a barbecue so we did that and Jof went out with her work friends.
We played jousting on the plastic motorbikes using oars and armour and watched a film and wrestled for ages with Elizabeth who is quite a fighter.
At home we watched Beverly Hills Cop and I turned off my light at 1123 but Jof didn't get back until 2.

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