Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nuclear Weapons Platform 9 3/4

american tv news stupid headline failAn excellent day at school, I was quite ebullient at kickout time, even if I can't particularly remember why.
Jof had visited her workplace on her day off and found them to be in total disarray, which of course pleased her immensely as she didn't have to clear up after anyone as she was off-duty.
But sadly, this carefree feeling was not to last. It was only at that time that we found that somehow, as if by some vandal-related hooligan magic, the back window of Jof's car had been shattered completely. It was still there in its original shape, but as soon as we opened the door, the window fell in showering the back seats and the road in a twinkly plethora of little shiny hexagons of glass, which I insist do cut you, even if they look like they're not going to.
vandals broke car window ford escortAs we stood there with dustpan and brush, many helpful people passed by (it was school kickout time, remember) offering helpful platitudes such as 'What happened?' and 'Oh dear'. One lady told us at great length where she lived and what colour her car was, which was nice, but she also revealed that 2 other cars in the same road had suffered the same fate on the same day.
throw away child car seat when tall enoughThe hooverbag is now full of little faux diamonds and we filled half a bucket when we swept up.
But not to be downtrodden, Jof said she'd accompany me to gymnastics and go swimming. That was when I remembered I am 9 3/4 today, and got measured. Now, I am not a Ben or a Robert so am not already 6 foot tall, I've got short stubby parents so the 2.7 centimetres I grew in the last 3 months is really good for me, and it meant I qualified to lose the kiddie car seat.
Now, I am not an Erin or a James so I didn't lose the car seat 37 years ago, but it was a rock-on granite milestone for me and I was happy. In gymnastics I achieved Badge #1 and crunched my shoulder trying to do a convincing cartwheel. Now, I am not a Poppy so I haven't been doing cartwheels since I was in nappies, but Badge #1 is good for me and I was proud if knackered. So I had big pasta and lots of cheese and yogurt and milk, just like the Dutch who are now the tallest race on Earth because of their national culinary obsession with cheese and milk and yogurt.

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