Friday, 4 September 2015

Sliding Parks

car drives through puddle Friday at last! It's been so long.
In school today we did the second 50 of the "100 words you must know by the end of Year 5" and my favourite was Yak, because everyone forgets the H. I later found out it was Yacht.
For homework I have to build an Anglo-Saxon hovel or Dwelling-Unit or Yurt or Yak or Yacht, one that can withstand a catapult attack at the end of term. This is intriguing: I have some questions.
* What 8th Century slum-builder would factor ballistic boulder-repelling strength into their designs?
* Wattle and daub was big in the Dark Ages. What invading army would employ the might of a trebuchet against a woodsman's cottage when you could destroy it by widdling against the walls?
* The average income of an itinerant pig-herder was 3 1/2 trotters and as many acorns as you could collect before the Squire executes you. What object in your shanty-cabin is worth sending in the cavalry for? Burnt cakes?
* An illiterate peasant might travel as far as 2 miles from his birthplace in his entire life. What international political point is proved by nuking his flea-ridden shack from space?
kampa khazi camping toilet york catering aluminium colander* What will be the missile used against these home-made hovels? I suggest conkers, for by then, they will have dried out.
* If I make mine out of riveted feudal titanium plates, will it win?
Anyway, Ben and Sam and Ben and Alfie and I made an arrangement to meet in Yellow Plum Park at 415. This is a sensible move, for we are all getting older now and more able to roam the streets at will, and possibly more au fait with the workings of the clock, and maybe slightly more aware that the world does not revolve around us alone.
So when Bud picked me up I was dismayed to find we had tasks. Jof had said, get rid of the Scouts stuff out of the garage, for the Scouts have their own garage and we've only got enough spare space in ours for 3 cars and a rhino. So we took to the Scout lockup: 10 large water containers (for raft-building), 2 large Kampa-Khazi plastic toilets (yes), 8 knives, 1 set of oven gloves and a colander you could rinse a horse in.
yellow plum park moorings way recreation facilityIn return, we removed from said lock-up: 3 old plastic toilets that were 'tired' and one giant comedy aluminium teapot that needed a clean. This didn't give us much time to get to the park so we drove there and we met Little Ben and Alfie and Leyton on their way home for they had given up and they said they'd left a teabag in the road and asked if we'd run it over.
I climbed in the park for a bit and waited for Big Ben but he didn't show so we went home where we got a message from him saying I'll be there at 5, just when I was off to swimming. O what a tangled web we get stuck in, when first we practise to make arrangements.
Jof made us pasta with 2 types of Mediterranean bread and the free prawn crackers from the adjacent take-away and I was yawning at only 11pm. Lucky I've got nothing planned for tomorrow. At bedtime I laughed so much I had to go to the toilet.

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