Monday, 28 September 2015

Is being Green with Envy Ecologically sound?

engrish product translation failSo today people were ripping the Michael out of me for having a girlfriend. Is it my fault that I'm capable of conversing with the opposite sex rather than simply remaining a one-dimensional football- or Glitterpony-obsessed machine? They are just jealous, I notice that all the mick-takers haven't got friends of their own. And I'm not the only one in my class to have a special friend ...
scout jamboree trade in neckerchiefsWe also got the proofs back for our official school photos (individual, not group). The school's decision to make us wear our jumpers has backfired terribly as we all look big and frumpy, nothing like our usual selves.
Anyway, in Scouts I donated my sack of cheap tinned spuds and we played Nocturnal Murderer where they turn the lights off and you move around obstacles (chairs) silently (fartily) and I always win because I fell in the nightvision cauldron as a baby and I see all, like the Terminator on whom I model myself.
scout group presentation of world jamboree japanThen our very own Venture Scout did a big presentation about his trip to Japan for the Scout Jamboree. This was designed to encourage us to attempt it ourselves in future years.
He showed us many slides on the OHP, most of which were the right way up, and he explained all about their adventures and how he swapped badges and stuff with Scouts from across the world.
venture scout presentation japan jamboree souvenirsHigh on the list were the old bomb site at Hiroshima and Tokyo's biggest Pokémon museum and some Shinto Temples and the aerobatic display team and the really really quite massive jamboree.
They all played many games and it's nice to see that the ideas of one Baden-Powell have spread globally. He got to go on a bullet train and see the earthquake research centre and Hong Kong and brought back some sushi for us to try, I didn't as I couldn't be sure how old it was.
We all looked at his extensive collection of goodies but I must admit there was extensive shuffling of uncomfortable botties during his brave exhibition. Afterwards there were questions, most were about the Pokémon display.

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