Sunday, 1 November 2015

Zombie Apocalypse in Pyjamas

linen cut-out work oenone cave romance of lace book of handicraftsI have run out of pyjama bottoms. What am I supposed to wear today? So I wore PJ shorts and found no good reason to change for the rest of the day.
Basically I Minecrafted for the whole day apart from lunch when I allowed myself to watch 2 Simpsons episodes because I'm not allowed to eat in front of the computer in case I get Calamari in the keyboard, and you know how it is with shellfish, you just can't get it out.
Jof did some random tidying which means a box of assorted threads and reels and pins and wool and some epic books from Obscure Cousin Margaret. I had never previously considered lace to be romantic, the Marks and Spencer book is SOOOO 1975, and the tome on linen cut-out work is worth it for the author's name alone, Ĺ’none Cave. I hope the shop where we took the tapestry frame will enjoy them as much as we did. Later I watched Potter and the Poisoner of Azkhaban and ate pizza lying on the sofa. It's a style thing.

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