Thursday, 26 November 2015

Resurfacing my Brain

man arrested in complex maple syrup robbery funny newspaper headlineSchool was actually normal. I took an IT test, had some lessons, designed a house in French (because theirs are so much better) and in G-Mail class, Child A and Child B had a massive argument and Child B was sent out, but not before he'd kicked the bin and chucked a laptop and gone pink and generally drawn attention to himself.
Almost straight after school I have Extra-Swimming. Thus I hoovered up an avocado, a yogurt and some prawns with calamari (an obvious choice) in time to get there early. But they were resurfacing the road and we had to divert slightly, making us lose our advantage. Where I say slightly, the diversion was longer than the original journey.
colas ltd roadworks eastney road portsmouthI had a new teacher and he rapidly identified me as a star and I was demo-diver again and I did my underwater handstands because you just have to, and overall, it was Leg Day.
My homework is to make a boat capable of floating on Canoe Lake. Jof started hers with an old ice cream tub but Bud pooh-poohed her efforts and decided to make a rival vessel out of a 5-litre water bottle, a bamboo pole and some random bits of metal out of the recycling bin at his work.
Thus for a while we had competing shipbuilders in the dining room (I found this very funny) while I helped make Jof's one. Every seaworthy (or otherwise) tub from everyone in our class will launch next month, I hope mine doesn't get sunk by swans. Perhaps we need someone called Helen (to launch the 1000 ships).
I have a busy day tomorrow. Jof will get tea delivered at 0600, and she's allergic to anything before 9.

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