Sunday, 8 November 2015

The end of an Era

toy selection sainsburys farlingtonA nice slow start and then we all had to go shopping because Jof wanted to get complicated things for the school raffle and so I extracted a set of Minecraft models in typically opportunist fashion. Plus we bought Terminator 5 and The Despicables and it wasn't that bad in the end.
But recently everyone has noticed that I don't play Lego any more. My bedroom has been in danger of collapsing under its own gravity, it has been a singularity sucking in Lego for parsecs around since I was about 5. I've spent all my Xmas and birthday money on it for years running - getting the Red train, the Millennium Falcon, the Blue train and more - and endless trips to charity shops and one-offs from film conventions and blatant bribes and even a crafting table made out of a full-size dining table with 1970s Lego flats stuck to the top. But once you've gone through the phase, it's got to go.
So we packaged it all up into 9 giant containers and the scales didn't work for us but it's got to be hundreds of Kgs and it all went into the loft. My bedroom is 14 and a half feet by 12 and a half feet and now you can actually see it, even more when we get rid of the table.
giant lego collection boxes
I'll be able to fit in another phase before the advent of girlies and currently, it's Minecraft. Grandad approved of me moving on and taught me about circumferences.
Our TV box is still dead so we watched Potter and the Half-wit Prince again and I always take it very hard when Dumbledies. Jof remembered that we have a second, unused, TV box so following yet another trip into the loft we now have TV back.

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