Sunday, 22 November 2015

Irritable Boy Syndrome

boat made out of plastic ice cream tubI got hours of Minecraftery in before Jof made me do maths homework. I objected loudly and it was a battle, that'll teach her to make me do stuff. Plus she got some of the maths questions wrong so that made me feel better.
AND she wanted me to start on my latest homework (making a boat) so I grudgingly painted an old ice cream tub and that was it. All I really wanted was biscuits and Trading Places and Finding Nemo and bacon and Minecraft videos.
In the end she sent me to my room. Her work boss suggested a punchbag, apparently her kid went though a similar phase and it was a way to release some of the anger to which I'm currently a martyr. So what I did is come back repeatedly (interrupting Apollo 13) and ask what I could do and that's why I was let back on Minecraft.

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