Monday, 23 November 2015

Homeless Dragons

water pistol with penis squirter button product design failToday I got a certificate at school for getting 100% in my Gmail assessment. This does not in itself make me a nerd but the potential is there.
The afternoon was a panic about Scouts. We'd somewhat forgotten about the homework which was to collect warm clothing and food parcels for the homeless, which my Cub Pack were donating via the Salvation Army at their secret location right next to where I was born this time.
So we nipped along to a charity shop and bought some huge warm clothes. While we waited for the previous customer to pay, we heard her story about how her kid (approximately 6 years old) woke her up this morning at ten to 6 by licking her face. Now, I do not do this, because I know that if they're still asleep, I can get Minecraft.
rowans hospice charity shop fratton roadAnyway, the clothes we got were very warm indeed and would fit anybody who is XXXL. ASDA is just over the road so I bought 5 tins of meaty soup for only £3 and when Jof got home she added a sack of assorted toiletries so not bad in total.
But by then I'd found a new Minecraft game on a new server. In this one, you lob hand grenades at people and try to kill them while summoning your own dragon and fly around dropping bombs. I join in with gusto and strange ululations but rarely actually score any points.
In Scouts we learned about just how many charities there are out there vying for our custom and we have some new Cubs.

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