Friday, 20 November 2015

I've always been Crazy but it's kept me from going Insane

toy aeroplane hits spectator funnyWell today was a pretty normal day at school with the wrong footwear because we were running late and I did better in the maths test but only got 2/5 on the spelling.
But I did get a certificate in the handout-assembly for generally being positive and answering a lot of maths questions and doing my required reading.
feeding squirrels milton park portsmouth
Jof has been going on about squirrels again because we still have those leftover brioche rolls. While your biology teacher will not generally list French bread products as a major part of the diet of tree-dwelling rodents, Jof is convinced of it so we took the remaining 4 chocolate-chip rolls (only slightly out of date) to the park and saw some target customers.
They were chasing each other round a tree so I chucked the cheeky tribute over the fence and they studiously ignored them. I laughed at their arboreal antics and moved on.
wild zebra outdoor play playground games
We did leave the last one for a family of deserving blackbirds that live in the Yew tree by the gate, let's hope the food isn't stolen by dogs.
In example 4 of 4, we see the last playground game is '4 in a row'. This one is at least quieter for the classroom behind the fourth wall, a more intellectual game requires a more balanced approach from sober, considerate players. What am I saying? These kids are 8!
Anyway, I had a blank period after school which was good for 2 hours of X-box Minecraft so I was well rested for Week of Wetness/Day 2 of 3. I blew them away in the pool with my sinuous movement, and I'm confident of a decent result tomorrow in the Swim-a-thon.

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