Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dress Rehearsal (no, you don't have to wear a dress)

tractor digger used to bury dismembered corpsesWell, today I had a bright idea. We have a suggestions box with padlock and everything so it's completely anonymous. So I wrote a note fingering three Year 6 students for a crime against a friend's foam ball, which the aforementioned named students had completely pulverized in a fit of bullying.
The fact that I wrote my class name and initials on the note and 2 of my best friends are school councillors and can open the suggestions box may mean it's not quite as anonymous as I think. Let's hope I learn soon about the risks of being caught dobbing people in.
Pops turned 10 today. Some day I hope to, too.
I did attend Wednesday Park and played Swing-Kick-Ball with the usual 4 suspects but I had to go early because of my dress rehearsal at the theatre. But just as we were going, the JBs arrived.
groundlings theatre portsmouthThus we stayed on a little bit while we waited for the oven to heat up and we played more ball-tag and ring'o'roses and when we left it was dark anyway. But I did my new trick which is honking the Imperial March from Star Wars which made them all laugh, although I did sound a bit like my robotic alter ego "Norbertron".
full moon cloud coverIt was very busy at the theatre with thieves and vagabonds and cutpurses and orphans and prostitutes and body-snatchers, and that was just the locals in the moonlit car park. I had my genuine Mary Poppins chimney-sweep's brush, Victorian wind-up LED lantern, a sackful of thermal undergarments as worn by all authentic street urchins, and a positive attitude.
We worked on the scripts and the games and the dances and we've got call times for hair, make-up and costumes, rest periods and performances and a parade and they're going to be very long days.

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