Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sausages and the Naughty Step

cardboard shipping box castle I'd raced through my 2 allowed hours of Minecraft even before I went to Acting.
I made a new friend which was the new very young boy and he prompted Bertie when he forgot his lines. I really didn't fancy walking to the butchers so we drove there in the drizzle and I bought stuffed chicken lumps wrapped in bacon because they looked good. Jof watched a foodie program that said supermarket sausages are minced hooves and lips but butcher-bought sausages contain real meat, so we took the opportunity to get black pudding and bacon and pies and all the usual fattening stuff.
cardboard box den castleBut after watching Despicable Me it was time to invest Box 10. I added some defensive capabilities while he added a door, often useful. This one is not strong enough to sit on or have fights in, but it is a single man's dwelling unit, good for those introspective moments when you want to be alone, and yet retain easy access to your Minecraft teddies. It may have a dual purpose in that I can now be 'Sent to my Room' in the same way as a Naughty Step.
Once in situ, it's quite unobtrusive, honest. The corner-located folding door closes with an invisible seam and I have installed a skylight so I can a) breathe and b) reach my books.

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