Monday, 2 November 2015

Fogs in Blankets

Moo! Moo! The town was covered in a blanket of fog and I could hear the gentle yet insistent lowing of the ferries and commercial vessels in the port.
Because it's the first day back after the half-term break, my first question was - how long until the next holiday? I hope nobody tells me it's 7 clear weeks until the next break.
hide and seek funny university gameAnd I handed in my homework about my dream job. I wonder how many others want to be successful action film stars who just happen to be Olympic swimmers. Or medical malpractice lawyers specializing in Tubal Litigation, aha.
We only had 2 lessons today, science, in which we pinged a toy car with an elastic catapult and added weights on the back or shields to the front to change the friction coefficient on the rear axle or air resistance, and literacy in which we read choice books.
Not to be confused with pro-choice books, these are the ones where you get a choice "Do you want to go to the lighthouse or the pub?", "You are in the bungalow. Do you pick up the car keys or a torch?" and "Your friends want to watch 'Run for your Wife' at the Odeon. Do you trust them?".
Basically, whatever you do, you die horribly when the small lump under the carpet turns out to be a monster, most of the time you also condemn your friends to a fatal incineration, and everybody you meet has an emergency handgun in the glove compartment. The only way to escape a terrible death is to cower behind the barrel of Throgmorton's Golden Grumbler in the beer cellar of the pub. At least you'll go out happy.
Cub Scouts restarted after the break and we examined short-term memories by reciting large numbers.

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