Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Anechoic Chamberpot

relaxing on sofa in furniture shopThe day started well for me. The others weren't in a hurry to get up so I got more than my registered 2 hours of Minecraft in before there were 3 of us.
But then it just went downhill. I myself will freely admit that I have been a right royal pain in the arse with the answering back and the nihilism and the complaining and the attitude and unwillingness to do anything that isn't Minecraft but all this takes its toll. Maybe it's a hormonal surge, starting my periods or similar. I was sent to my anechoic chamber for refusing to do my homework, even after we'd been into town to pick up some catalogues and check out some furniture shops (homework is to source some retro office equipment at knockdown prices).
Jof said I wasn't to have any screen time until Wednesday and he made me help sweep the courtyard but every time nobody was watching me, I snuck back into the front room to pick up the tablet and re-enter the blocky cyber-world.
minecraft creative world on x boxSo Jof said she'd leave me to starve and I argued because I don't believe her and we were looking forward to an afternoon of friction and prickliness and it was clear that when Bud got back from his run, I'd be dead. Jof would have a lifetime as Prisoner Cell Block H for committing filicide (should be regicide, of course) and I'd have a lifetime of, well, being dead, which is a real drag.
But then Ben phoned to say he was bored and could I come over to play. Now, my son, I cannot understate just what a classy piece of epic timing that was, good old Ben saves the day again. So I hoovered up some mini-sausages and fled the crucible.
We went straight upstairs and fired up the X-box and Minecrafted for over 2 hours, not seeing any adults at all but cackling a lot. On my return, the atmosphere had thawed somewhat, looks like the respite care was useful, and I'm going to have to try extra hard not to be a teenager before my time. Bedtime viewing was Die Hard (again). Still funny seeing Professor Snape being evil.

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