Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Boomerang Table

mad old bag lady street signs funnySchool was pretty normal today: Grace and I were doing really well on our team topic paragraph but then we were lumbered with Child A and Child B, neither of whom have the ability or desire to apply themselves so our progress suffered.
Yesterday the Lego Crafting Table was dismantled having been made redundant in a company shake-up ie I don't play Lego any more. I'm sure there will be a time in the next several years when the hankering for blocks and minifigures will return, and we'll get it all back out of the loft again in an orgy of retro play.
But the table was now deemed superfluous so we drove it the 'The Ark', a charity shop right next to our old laundrette with the generously proportioned assistants, and coincidentally, right on the road where I found my first dead person.
ford focus estate with dining table in the bootThe Ark lady said the top was a bit scuffed and she thought that nobody would buy it, so we had to take it right back again, and book a trip to the tip tomorrow. This was a shame as we'd made the effort to recycle it but the Lego baseboards glued to it for the last 2 years had made too much of a good impression upon the varnish so we drove home again.
My old flames Kate-Lynn and Emily inspected it and understood because they've grown out of Lego as well. We removed the chunky legs from the pedestal for our Xmas fire in the front room and stuck an old bin from the garage in the boot.
All the way to the Gymnastics centre and back the dead bin squeaked and rattled and sounded like an excited chipmunk and I'll be glad to get rid of it all.

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