Thursday, 12 November 2015

During the War (Hold a Chicken in the Air)

An epic day at school. Normally, French is a chore and a bane to my very existence because it's boring and pointless and I know I'll never need it. I mean, I went to France once and I didn't speak to anyone, which totally proves my point.
no privacy in the toilet at workBut this time we had a guest teacher who just happened to be the same lady that was a guest teacher at the theatre once. So she did both French and acting, which was a surprise crossover. She did the warm-ups with us that I do every week so I knew them and nobody else did. So when she said what's the next line to Rubber Chicken, I knew the answer every time and in fact had to prompt her a few times, so she gave me extra house points.
We all got props from the very costume and props department I use every week and my prop was a pipe. So I did my old man impression, sucking in my lips over my teeth, stooping over and holding my back, and chewing on the pipe and babbling 'During the war ... legs up to 'ere, she had .. I blame the TV ... gord bless the old queen...' etc in a hoarse voice, like old men do. Anyway, I seemed to amass a total of 7 house points for this performance but Child A on the other table had one of those unfolding hand-fans and broke it and was given the Year 5 equivalent of multiple detentions and a stiff letter (+ bill) to Mummy.
In Swimming-for-the-talented, I did 14 lengths just for warm-up and did inverted breaststroke which is basically a jellyfish convulsing along upside-down.
After supper I was watching 'Jaws' when Jof said I have to watch Harry Potter instead.

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