Monday, 30 November 2015

Chimney Chic

coke named cans make nativity scene funnyWell it was a bioshock to be back to reality after my lost weekend. Jof drove me to school and took in my boat which is a giant water bottle with large amounts of metal attached to the base using our giant magnets, and some bamboo with plastic sheeting as a mast. The poor competitors in my class looked aghast at my stupendous ship and the teacher had to put it on a high shelf to stop people fiddling with it, also because I told him the magnets are dangerous.
In Computing we played a multiplayer role-playing killer game so I just waited until people were fighting and went over and blew myself up at them. I've heard of this suicide bomber lark and as you know you'll re-spawn after 5 seconds, it's worth it. Lucky those angry men with rucksacks and no girlfriends don't get to do that.
sticking finger through hole in torn school trousersI did a mini show'n'tell on my acting exploits over the last 3 days and I showed them my security pass (I was screened by Lord Denning, y'know) and we looked it up on Youtube and it was all 'Cheeky Chipper Chimney Chappie in Theatrical Triumph' etc all day.
But then I had a trouser incident which was all about ripping in awkward places and nothing about unexpected toilet stops. My trousers have become too small and ripped before, I believe it's something that usually happens to middle-aged ladies, and after the last time which involved extreme exposure, I played it safe and put on my PE shorts, which did make for a breezy journey home.
While I was at Scouts, poor Jof cut her hand on some of our magnets, they're very strong and grabby and pinchy so she's got a big plaster and only one working hand.

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