Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pulparindo Gigante!

blueberry muffin mis-spell errorI got 4 house points at school today for such diverse actions as holding open a door and answering someone else's questions in Guided Reading.
Last night during my Scouts meeting I was gyrating uncontrollably, as you do, when I stabbed myself in the head with my own fingernail, causing profuse bleeding as from a trepanning session with favourite Wessex Druid 'Eorl'. This head wound is visible today.
At gymnastics I did so many forward collapses and trampoline-rolls I hurt my heel landing. Plus, you know those buttons on the sofa? Well, I just kept landing right on one of those on the padded mat, however I tried to aim my body.
Meanwhile, Jof went to 'Toning the Other Cheek' beauty salon and had her hair 'Flattened'. I told her it wasn't good and she re-inflated it with the blow-drier at the swimming pool.
mexican tamarind fruit bar con fruta naturalThe Pulparindo Gigante is a Tamarind pulp candy bar with added iodized salt brought to our shores from Mexico. Made from fresh tamarinds, it has only 103 calories but I can't see it catching on as a playground snack in this country, although the surprise extra ingredient (ground chilli) might encourage ... extra activity.
Its name isn't quite as good as some other foreign sweet wrappers in my collection (eg Bugg, Plopp, Kack and Snöre) but if you're going to have a Pulparindo, make it a Gigante, that's what I say.

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