Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Officially Amazing!

chicken goujons fingers fail
In school Ben and I were on a Geographical Expeditionary team in which we had to find King's Lynn. We were first to do so, by looking it up in the index, which definitely doesn't count as cheating.
Jof left us a jobs list including feeding brioche rolls to the squirrels in the park, and doing my nautical homework. But all day Ben and I had been talking about Minecraft so I could focus on nothing else.
wildzebraoutdoorplay game panelsWe cancelled the park because of the squally, damp, dark howling conditions (and that was just me - the weather wasn't much better) and we searched through the detritus in the garage to find something useful to make a boat out of, well, he did that while I played darts. But then I was saved by Robert who phoned and asked me round so off I went.
We saw 'Officially Amazing' which is like Record Breakers and a lady contortionist who was also an archer did a handstand, bent right over backwards and went twang and shot an arrow right out of her quiver using only her legs at a target 9.5 metres away.
Then we barricaded ourselves in their room and played Minecraft, none of this being banned at their house.
Here is playground game 2 of 4. It's pretty well just a game of pinball but without the extra flap capability. You ping your nob and your balls go up and across and go jigger-jigger-jigger down between all the coloured stops and fall into a results bucket with 1, 2 or 3 points depending.

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