Monday, 16 November 2015

Unreasonably Close Encounters

ripley alien emerging from stomach funnyFor 2 days I have been going on about the new Nerf Gun that I want for Xmas. Setting aside any doubt about whether I'll get anything at all, it's the big Nerf Rifle with sniper add-on kit. Total value about £70, and I need it to shoot Bud in the butt-crack, a location with which I have an unhealthy obsession, long may it not last.
Anyway, school was pretty normal and we had to sing the Sing Sing Sing the Xmas Story thing again and the different year groups have different lines so we can do a breakdown like that old campfire favourite "London's Burning". Our line is bow down to jesus (I'm a little allergic to this concept) with a high note on the 'bow' so we ... make ourselves heard.
There are new games in the playground, quite possibly partially funded by the sterling work of the 'Friends of the School' and their inventive accountant Jof.
 I've only played 2 of them so far but the one with the crowd in front of it is a larger variant on the old Simple Simon game that looks like the Google Chrome icon. This one also asks you to follow the sequence of flashing lights and strident tones but the dead giveaway for this one is the correct tune is the one out of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.
budget office equipment for school projectSo all through breaktimes we appear to be desperately communicating with aliens, which is sometimes not too far from the truth.
My homework is to fit out a new office space with retro equipment at low, low prices. Do you know how difficult it is to source a framed photo of Timmy Mallett? Yes, I could just print one out and stick it in a frame from a charity shop, but that's just boring. And sensible. So I drew the 3-D project and it's so good, I'll do it again. Note particularly the swivel-chair that resembles an ice cream cone with cherries.

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