Friday, 13 November 2015

A Den fit for a Hero

napoleon swimsuit failLuckily, Jof opened the curtains in the lounge and saw lots of superheroes and kids in spotty onesies heading towards the school 87 yards south of our location and deduced that it was Children in Need Day.
Personally I am aware of needy children not because I need Minecraft, but because I have been brought up to do charity work and make donations where appropriate. But I did not want to be a super-hero and wore mufti and put my quid in like everybody else.
cardboard shipping pallet IBMOnesie-pyjamas do seem to be what the young people are doing in this day and age but I haven't owned one since I was 1, guess I'm out of touch.
Anyway, I still count as a minor so enjoying cardboard boxes is still within my remit. See the 'Cardboard, Joy of Box' link to the right for the cardboard castles you never had. Jof thought I'd grown out of them but I demanded a new one as a 'Privacy Den' where I could stash my private stuff and enjoy them. Remember, I'm only 9 so they're not THAT private.
So Bud brought one back from work which is not in the same league as the previous castles with turrets, crenellations and a 110-millimetre gun, but is just right for one small human to sit on his own and sulk, or just muse on the unbearable weirdness of being.
ideal country estate somersetIncidentally, the Euromillions jackpot is 91 million Pounds again so I dream of castles of my own, and the best Bijou castle-ette (in my humble opinion) is the wannabe-castle of Compton Pauncefoot just south of the A303 and only 7 miles from where Grandma and Grandad used to live. OK, so I may not need all of the 1275 acres or that many lakes but you've got to have somewhere to keep your goats and llamas and cats and geese and ducks and stuff that we've been promised if ever we have the property to accommodate them.

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