Friday, 6 November 2015

Netflix and Chill

netflix and chill whales in love
engrish product name funny fail moistageToday in school I got 5 house point tokens for various good deeds which include tidying up, sitting still attentively in assembly and holding doors open for teachers. So quite brown-nosed, but who cares when those 5 points made my house go ahead of those cheats in Mary Rose house.
remember remember the 5th of novemberfirework night partyOne of the many official epistles I brought home today is an announcement about swimming lessons for my class. They will take place at the local baths where I currently attend "Talent Lane", the feeder class for the Olympic swimming club. The latter asks responsible parents (should you have any) to indicate the standard at which the child in question swims. Bud has said he'll put "Explodes on contact with water, showering onlookers in blood and chum and then sinks like a stone".
But then I hurried my swimming lesson so I could attend the Ben fireworks and we drove round in the gusty rain, never a good start for a firework party.
home fireworks demonstrationThey were watching the Naked Gun which was funny and we wrestled and shouted and eventually there was enough beer to set up the rockets and bombs and the rain stopped for us.
2 boys sharing the same chair
The dads lit the fuses in the wind which was slow and the ladies watched and the girls replenished the ammunition and the boys wrestled and it was all rather good and next year we'll go for fewer but larger bombs with which to annoy the neighbours.
The big rockets had superheroes on the top and the big multi-tube hexagon thing went on for ages and the pumpkin had glowing eyes and we've all got muddy trousers.
milton common portsmouth
Inside we played electronica various and walked home late.

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