Monday, 9 November 2015

Thing Thing Thing the Cwistmas Stowy

sydney morning herald newspaper headline fail funnyNowadays we have musical assemblies. Thus we have been set a new song to learn called Sing the Xmas Story. They played it to us and it was clearly done by a bunch of Year 1s because they all had those high-pitched cutesy voices of the terminally young, where Rs are replaced by Ws, and mothers swoon with love for little Letitia and Tarquin.
fall leaves milton park portsmouthWe sang along which basically means singing it in silly voices, gyrating strangely with added Jackson-esque body rubs, and laughing. We were told off for mocking the new Company Song, even though we'd put a lot of effort into the frottage. I think we'll have to perform this dreadful er delightful earworm fairly frequently until the end of term.
Autumn is here. I know it's November but the week-long gales have really hammered the message home to our local deciduous trees and the park is liberally strewn with redundant former organic solar panels. But all I wanted to do was build a quiz-choice Minecraft world where you live or die depending on your ability to answer questions on Harry Potter, such as who is the first squib he meets and how do you spell Horcrux. I shall have to work on the questions.
bbc iPlayer tale of two theatres
Later I argued against standing still at the end of Scouts, homework, having a shower and fish pie. I wonder if anybody else my age is becoming argumentative for no apparent reason. Meanwhile Bud dismantled the Lego Crafting table and Jof phoned from the gym to say did I know that I was on TV again, learning stagecraft at my summer school week at the Kings. Typically, our TV box is offline so we can't record it. This is why I was watching Jason Statham in The Transporter for supper.

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