Friday, 28 February 2014

Black Heart, White Noise and an Orange Jump-suit

cat and dog on sofa wagging tail hits cat head funny My part-time mother gave me extra hugs at the school gate today.
Just before kick-out time, it rained heavily, ensuring all parents were wet and bedraggled. Then, just as the doors opened, it stopped, for I had arranged it that way.
rubber band pistol with rotating cogwheel We picked up a Pops and I took her home, for our house is warm and dry. I showed her my Guinness Book of World Records 2003 and we played with the rubber band gun I got for my birthday. Every time you shoot, the other has to do a Ringmaster speech - "Welcome, Ladies, Gentlemen and children of all ages to the poppy and Max Shootathon in which the daring Hero(ine) will perform feats of endurance..." Later we played Dogs in their Beds again, which is why my room is rearranged again.
The a tired Jof got home and I made her happy, as only a #1 Son can.

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