Saturday, 22 February 2014

Excuses and Justifications

milton park portsmouth southseaSo Jof left us again this morning, Nanna is still not dead although the medicine is not fun, and she has requested new nighties. I was under strict instructions to be a good boy etc and to make sure that the laundry went out on the line while the south coast was not actually underwater.
First up was the BottleBank walk. This has been a sparsely populated and infrequent walk since Dry January and the local park was full of short people enjoying the unaccustomed sunshine. Problem is, 3 or 4 years ago, I would have known half of them. We see the usual array of adult sub-types (Quiet hung-over men, trying-too-hard-to-be-jolly mummies with 3 kids, unwilling older sister in charge of dribbling toddler) but we didn't know any of them.
Eventually we did Tunnel Park (Football Harry and younger brother Rory) and met Emma Puddle's parents (separately, neither of them with Emma) and started talking about Lego, a subject never far from my mind.
gunwharf quays portsmouthThe Lego Movie has had rave reviews from many professional film critics and many of my professional school-friends and swimming group friends etc. Jof said we can all go together. But she's always gone to Nanna's, and we thought maybe we could check it out in advance, you know, make sure it's suitable for people of a nervous disposition...
Anyway, we got a bus do
wn there and didn't go up the Spinnaker Tower or anything, but it does look rather good when it's not lashing down and we saw the Isle Of Wight ferry leaving and talked about how a few well-placed 12 inch shells through the engine compartment might sink it. I remain convinced that torpedoes were not invented when our defunct flagship aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" was on active service.
The Lego film is full of jokes, asides, sly allusions, colourful amusement and even 2 humans. Jof might like it, perhaps if I take her she'll be OK.
stock check cycle count inventory assessmentThen we finished the black void of endless space on our little mosaic and I played Lego while Jof visited Nanna in hospital. We had a few letters left over from the last 3 keyboards so again I entered them all into the very pleasant and it came back with (amongst 39,000 other choices) 'History of unfulfilled prophecy by christians' which I personally chose. After supper, the PuddleDaddies fell through the door on their way back from the Beer Festival that Bud couldn't attend because he was with me in the park and the cinema. I was tickled, abused and my TV program was interrupted, and one of them started messing with the recently-glued mosaic keys. Who needs mates like that anyway, I bet mine had a much better time with me.
Later we did a cycle count (inventory assessment stock check) on my Lego mini-figures. With a double-blind stock count I now have 288 Lego humanoids. Not bad.

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