Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Building the Good Ship Mungo

lego scramble free for all at the portsmouth historic dockyard free eventUp relatively early to get a bus for 10am, practically still dark.
It was business as usual at the naval dockyard because we could see HMS Illustrious and HMS Dragon being worked on by cranes and fabricators and welders etc. But we were there to meet Ben and build ships out of Lego.
cardboard hms hat team mungleton lego builderI have a small amount of experience with the world's favourite brick and once I'd elbowed my way into the block building workshop, I met up with at least 4 schoolfriends and began building.
naval officer captain of hms victory approves of entrant in lego shipbuilding competitionThe scenario is a single room with several tables and trays of assorted Lego bits. You build the most bodacious 'Ship' you can, get its picture taken and the construction is recycled back into the trays for other grubby fingers to salvage. The most difficult bit is sourcing raw materials so you send your pet adult off to steal from the other trays.
Sadly if you preface a free event with the word 'Lego', then you must expect it to be heavily oversubscribed.
When Ben joined me we decided to form a partnership and he added a touch of élan to the 'Ship' and when we presented it to the Judges we got a personal thumbs-up from the Captain of HMS Victory! Our ship has a working catapult, a Helium Confusion Reactor, Flag of Inconvenience and a distressing tendency to collapse on the way to the Judge's bench.
The nice helper-lady (who was not Elizabeth's mum this time) said what an honour to have a man with scrambled egg on his sleeve vouchsafe our work. I'm not sure if I trust anyone who's so bad at eating breakfast that it ends up stuck to their arm.
Then Ben came back to mine for an hour to ... build Lego ships. Not that we like Lego or anything.
Jof came back late at night to report that Nanna isn't well, but is getting lots of medicine in hospital.

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