Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Museums are Free

jodie silsby portsmouth mapDidn't feel the need to get up today, either.
But eventually I reminded him of the promised trip to the museum, didn't know I'd have to walk there. This wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't raining, as it happened, we got soaked.
art exhibition portsmouth museumPortsmouth museum is on Museum Road, didn't see that one coming. The current temporary exhibition is a sparse smattering of Egyptian artefacts and one corpse. I paid my 50p and did the brass rubbing tour and deciphered some hieroglyphs. And there was a room about Sherlock Holmes who I recognise from Tom'n'Jerry.
The rest of it (yes, I did use the lift, even to go down) is Pompey Football club, some fine art which did not tickle my juices and Portsmouth through the ages which has medals, bombs and an old organ, as well as entire rooms done up to look like the 1950s or the 1870s, various. There was even a bicycle as used by the shipyard apprentices, and a picture of them all cycling away after a hard day's shipbuilding, one of them looked just like Erin's Dad.

egyptian exhibition portsmouth museum
Dead Giza
One exhibit is of a map of Portsmouth where the roads have been replaced by colloquialisms, phrases and sayings best spoken in the local accent. It's at just the right height for people of my age to read, lucky I did not read out the extremely fruity phraseology just south of Albert Road.
egyptian hieroglyphs life wealth and good healthThe dead guy was from 2,600 years ago so has probably stopped whiffing. I also learned that (ankh, wedja, seneb) means life, wealth and good health, so ankh, wedja and seneb to you all, sounds distinctly Vulcan to me.
Later we went to the park but there was nobody I knew. During a fight he pulled my trousers down in a public place and I got well huffy and demanded payment. Then Jof came home but hoovered up some food and went right out again, to drive through the rain and see Nanna and take her supplies, while she lies in hospital. I did a card with love hearts saying have a grate time in hospital. Meanwhile, Grandad is lying in a completely different hospital. I guess I have reached that age where 50% of my family is in hospital.

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