Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Expected Grandfather

southsea beach with shingle stones washed away by stormy weatherAnother slow start to the day, after the busy schedule yesterday. I started to construct the Lego and Lego-alike Marina Madness (comes with 2 sharks!) and eventually he said let's go to the seafront and see what's been washed up this time.
derelict south parade pier southsea portsmouthIt was indeed windy and the road was closed in 2 places and even some of the promenade was fenced off with 'Footpath closed' signs up but everyone ignored it, especially us.
beach shingle pebbles washed up onto esplanadesea flood defences on southsea beachWe found a metal pole, might have fallen off the pier as it gradually disintegrates through neglect. Some kids had lined up some rocks so I extended it for them. We discovered pulverized crabs, desiccated starfishes, dead pigeons, drifts of mussels, random branches, a selection of yard-long sections of hosepipe, a brave kite-surfer, shoes, bathroom sealant tubes, the beach all over the road again and 10-foot lengths of wood that used to be anti-sea barriers. We piled them up and made a see-saw. Once we'd both got wet, we finished up with 2 hours of fresh air getting blown into us.
Later, Grandad arrived on a sleepover. He is having a checkup (yes, from the neckup) at the hospital where I beamed down to this planet so it's only fair.

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