Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lady Bracknell speaks

funny name tv caption kash registerTo lose one grandparent may be regarded as a misfortune: to lose 2 looks like carelessness. Today Nanna actually texted Jof to say she was feeling better, which is highly promising.
But then we lost Grandad when the hospital he was supposed to be released from (sorry, discharged from) denied all knowledge.
Am I the harbinger of doom, an ominous omen and a portent of peril? Dear Follower Martin suggests my next fancy dress outfit should be the Grim Reaper.
It's ok, we found Grandad again later when he came home from a different hospital. He says he looks like a Picasso because he's growing a second nose further up his face, for them to use later.
Meanwhile I spent the day in childcare with some boys from my class, and many other familiar faces, although I can never remember their names. My copy of Hunchback of Notre Dame came through today so I spent hours rewinding and playing the fight scene and telling Jof how funny it was.

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