Tuesday, 25 February 2014


religious icon jesus christ in monks robes with stigmata devil Not a particularly interesting day at school apart from the bit about myths and legends but we scooted back for a guitar lesson and the teacher says I might move on to the next tune next week.
I don't have much spare time on a Tuesday so I hoovered up some quiche (serves me right for spilling it) and rushed off to gymnastics where my old colleague Caitlin joined the group. And Naughty Bradley.
On the way back I chased a cat and spoke with delight about my plans to hit them with cricket bats until they end up in the sea. This is because I have ancestral memories about cats poo-ing on lawns and digging up seedlings and I am not a vindictive animal-abuser really. Apart from when I crushed all those snails in our garden.
portsdown hill bridge road george pub towards isle of wightNanna says she is doing so well she might be sent home next week. I said she should get some servants to help her at home.
Therefore for no good reason I include an evening view of the lights of Portsmouth Harbour, taken from the top of Portsdown Hill. Marvel at my ability to perform this function while doing a forward roll 3 miles away.

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