Saturday, 8 February 2014

My 7th Birthday Party

playfootball birthday party roko gym hilsea portsmouthIt started with a huff. I find it easy to mutate into a Sulkatron, reasons not given.
But I didn't have time for much because Harry's party was at 11. We were second there and Jof had made me a massive bag of spare clothes for the weather looked awful. It cleared up immediately and by the time it started hailing we'd finished the footballing and were waiting for our chicken McMorsels. Harry and Ben were on my team at Playfootball (attached to ROKO gym) and we won 6-4. Ben got kicked in the teeth but none fell out. I got an award for great defending which is when the ball hit me and bounced off, I ended up in the net but the ball didn't.
havant leisure centre hampshire pool Still, the party was great and predominantly made up of schoolfriends. After an afternoon's rest (I didn't want to go hunting dead bodies on the storm-ravaged seafront) it was time for my 7th birthday party. In fact, it was probably only my 4th or 5th as I really didn't have a party as a baby, but what I meant was, I didn't have one last year so this one was double-sized, a joint party with my younger self. After when I will have already invented a time machine soon, tense malformations like that will become commonplace.
havant leisure centre dance studio birthday party venueWe got in early and I counted them in as they arrived. There were not enough, but that just meant extra goes on the bouncy castle thing for all of us. Many party attendees were schoolfriends from the earlier Harry Party, all aggregated and coalesced around a faithful core of Puddlers. The party host bloke took us in and we raced into the pool and commandeered the floats and went roundandroundandround on the giant inflatable. It was distinctly longer than the one at the Mountbatten Centre but not as tall. PopsDad and Bud and Kate-Lynnsmum and Jof were the only adults in the pool with us and only Bud managed to get across the inflatable, but all of us did it lots.
Baby Edwardos joined in with gusto and it was a bangin' time, yea verily forsooth gadzooks.
Eventually we had to vacate and all us chaps got changed but not before we'd all done the naked willy dance where you jump around pointing at it and not getting dressed.
The girls were ready before us but then they all had to line up and dry their hair so technically we won, but then Johnny had to dry his lengthy tresses so actually we lost. In the party room (dance studio, with wall-length mirrors) we had chicken McMorsels and soss and fishcakes and chips and juice and ice cream and when the food ran out we all left the room and wandered the empty corridors 'investigating' and going in the janitor's cupboards and Erin said the toilets were spooky because a ceiling tile was missing and we only went back when the magic word 'Cake' was mentioned.
They all sang happy birthday and Jof lit the cake-sparkler second time lucky and we were all pink in the face and I gave out the party bags and it was funny.
We gave Gene Kelly a lift home and he suffers from rampant nominative determinism because he really is a very good dancer. I got lots of excellent presents and it was a very busy day. Splendid books various competed for my nocturnal reading and I got 2 Lego items and I get to open the Lego Minifigures from the unused Party Bags and can I stop yawning please it's really getting in the waaaahhh snore

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