Friday, 21 February 2014

Killing the Mermaid

lego bricks box set 10664 1600 piecesfunny epic fail man jumps off moving motorbike Got to childcare early today and even managed a game of football before the place was officially open. The skin-rash I got yesterday (rough surface on the pool float I was on) has not gone - I still have a pink tum - but the magic ointment has taken away the pain.
When I got home from swimming I found a new Lego set which Jof had bought me to occupy my weekend. There is a massive box of 1600 blocks and 2 Lego Movie Mini-figures and something called the Piece of Resistance which appears to be a low-grade catapult/booby trap. The character Emmett that comes with it has a coffee cup included, most of them seem to nowadays, in a secret product placement deal.
I got the Terminatrix and the Mermaid as Mini-figures. Therefore I crushed the Mermaid under my box.

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