Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lego Metropolis: the Keys to my Success

giant massive lego citadel castle on dining tableDid not feel the need to get up early today. Or get dressed at any point. Leaving the house is for softies, nothing wrong with pyjamas.
Jof phoned to say she was shopping, and the Leader of the Free Council (the chap that awarded me my Bronze Scout award) popped by, but other than that not much: I unscrewed some more keyboards and we built Lego. The project of the moment is to build such a tall tower for the Lego Citadel that we run out of bricks. We succeeded (a milestone in itself), but the Lego Museum that was due to go on top of it cannot, it'd nearly hit the ceiling so we've had to rethink it.
There was an insanely low tide this afternoon with sandflats exposed in front of King Henry the 8ths' castle. You could walk out to the end of South Parade Pier if you didn't mind wet feet.
Later I pestered Jof and voluntarily put together a report on France with pictures and factoids.
Incidentally, Ciao Italia.

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