Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Tinder Right-Swiper

elephant calf underwater uses trunk as snorkel funny follows motherIt was supposed to be 'Open-Day' at school so my work could be inspected, but that seems to have changed dates as well.
fence around kids play park damged in high windsFor once, it wasn't raining so we got to Thursday Park with high hopes and an extra coat. The high winds had pushed over a tree which had crunched the fence right by where we normally have our picnics and the workmen were there buzz-sawing it away.
Johnny retreated again so Bob and a random Purple-top and I searched the park for the little plastic monkeys that have materialised everywhere and Ben joined us and we collected branches.
The little pink girls in this picture refused to obey their owner and went in the freezing water. Then they realised that their legs were wet icicles and their howls of anguish warmed the cockles of our hearts until their mummy managed to remove them.
But it's really no fun when you're cold, it's all you can think about so we all agreed to leave and we took Bob home and he invited me in, so I got an hour playing Wii.
I have made my own footballer called Fudgie-Wudgie (better than Ben's one which is Firstname Lastname) and I was Manchester United and I beat Arsenal 4-3. The park lakes have not soaked away and we expect more drizzle tomorrow.

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