Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lucky Strike (No Matches)

californian gold hoard found in garden by dog walkers american 20 dollar coinsfaulty product return label funny not fit for purposeSo today I hear that a Californian couple out walking their dog on their own land found 3 buried metal canisters from 120 years ago - and found unused gold coins inside. They expect to get $10 million or so from tidying up their ranch. The coins were hidden by persons unknown during the gold rush and due to rarity and mint condition, they're worth a fortune. Now why is it that when we dug up our garden, we found rusty water pipes and bits of broken glass?
returning a school library book very lateDuring a bedroom clear-out, I found a book called 'How to be a Roman in 21 easy stages'. I had borrowed it from my old school a year ago and am now a qualified Roman. So I returned it with a little shamefacedness to the nice lady at reception and ran away. Because I won't be available for Park Thursday, we took the chance to go today and I met many familiar faces from old school and new, Scouts and others. But then it rained so I practised my guitar at home.
Jof has gone off to see Nanna again, leaving us to fend for ourselves. And she's taken her tablet so I can't play games...

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